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Cream City Gifts gets it's name from the loyal, hard working, middle class, city of Milwaukee, WI where I grew up. Most people think that the nickname was derived due to Wisconsin's label as the dairy state. In actuality, Milwaukee was dubbed the Cream City because of it's buildings, which consisted of a durable and distinct cream colored brick, made from the local clay beds. Due to the qualities of superior strength and the weather resistant characteristics of these bricks, Milwaukee once contained the largest brickyard in the world!

I spent my formative years in Milwaukee's north shore suburbs of Whitefish Bay and Mequon, where my love for monograms and personalized gifts developed at an early age. My parents and grandparents homes had monogrammed silver and tablecloths. Growing up, many of the items that we wore were monogrammed. Our purses, sweaters, jewelry and stationary bore the mark that made them ours alone. We also gave thoughtful, personalized gifts to friends and family that showed the recipient that we cared .

Today, due to the advances in technology, monograms have become more affordable and therefore more prevalent. When you put your monogram on something, you make it your own. Similarly, giving a gift with personalization makes the gift unique and special. It shows that you took the time to care, to order in advance, to have something made just for them.

Cream City Gifts offers many ways to show you care. We have your gift giving needs covered with items for every occasion. Gifts for baby, engagement, wedding, birthday, new home, holiday and more, are all covered within our selections. We even offer several that you'll be tempted to buy for yourself. We also offer items to make parties, showers, holidays and bachelorette events extra special.

At Cream City Gifts, I search for products as durable and distinct as the brick that gave the city of Milwaukee it's name. I am proud to say that most of the products are American made, Quality made! All personalization is done in my studio in Mequon. I strive for your satisfaction and your happiness. I hope you enjoy my website and it's products.

Mary Quinlevan Jordan

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